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Welcome to Charlotte’s BIG CHILL! December 14, 2010

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Maureen wants you to know –

It’s really NOT usually this cold in Charlotte!! 

So many of you who are new to the area from points north were probably looking forward to a mild winter for a change – and here it is, frosty as can be in Charlotte, NC, and it’s not even WINTER  yet!

The official records say that Charlotte’s average Dec-Jan temperature range is lows in the 30’s to highs in the 50’s!  We need to send these temps in the teens packin’ back to the North Pole.  And get ready for Charlotte’s real winter time dilemma – the prospect of snow (which is apparently threatening our southern peace and tranquility for the end of this week!).  Those of you from (supposedly!) less temperate climates are about to be amazed by what the thought of snow does to our fair city.

Here are some critical do’s and don’t’s for Charlotte Winter Weather –

  • First of all, when you hear a forecast of snow, DO be one of the first ones to the grocery if you even think you may run low in the milk and bread department.  You wouldn’t want to be one of those people shown on the evening news who didn’t get the memo in time to help deplete the stores of these items. 
  • Secondly, DO rush to your favorite hardware store (Blackhawk Hardware at Park Road Shopping Center is a local favorite for a snow shovel (you probably left your snow blower in your last garage!), ice melt, and fun sledding toys for the kids.  Hurry over there, too, because southern supplies are limited!
  • Speaking of the kiddies, DO plan on having them home from school for extended periods if there is an inch or more of snow accumulation – yes, feel free to read it again, I said an INCH!  Reasons are numerous but include the fact that there are only approximately 35 snowplows available for snow removal, and get ready – they will plow only main thoroughfares in a snow event; most drivers (including school bus drivers!) are inexperienced winter-weather drivers so will likely (and thankfully) not want to be out on the roads; and even when the snow melts by day, if overnight temps dip below freezing, we have treacherous black ice conditions to deal with the next morning.
  • DO stay tuned to the local TV stations and computer/smart phone weather apps for the onslaught of weather related closings of schools, churches, and businesses.
  • DO Keep plenty of batteries in stock as we have a history of ice storms and subsequent power outages in our region.  You may even want to consider talking to your new friends at Blackhawk Hardware (or Sears, or Home Depot, Lowes, or elsewhere) about a gas-powered generator to light up your house and power your appliances in the event of a winter (or other) weather emergency.
  • So, DON’T worry, but instead, enjoy the BIG CHILL the best you can – stay cozy, grab the blankets, light the Christmas tree (or the candles and/or gas fireplace if the power goes out!), be sure to add wine to your emergency grocery supply list, gather your favorite friend(s) and family, and look forward to our Carolina blue skies and bright sunshine to come to the rescue soon!

Soon to come – how to enjoy Carolina outdoor winter activities and nearby ski resorts…