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Jolie (pretty!) Cheveux (hair!) by Erica! February 22, 2011

Check this out!

Let’s face it – don’t we all LOVE how we look and feel after a great cut & style?!  For a trendy look at a great price, you’ve got to head to the Lenox Shops in Torringdon (near Earth Fare) and meet friend to the Bon Maison girls, Erica Bloomquist of Jolie Cheveux  She works wonders with even hard to tame hair like mine – since meeting Erica, my hair feels like silk and looks great too! 

The Lenox Shops are stylish individual salons offering many services from hair styling to nails to massage, etc.

The darling French-inspired Jolie Cheveux shop is the first on the right and is staffed by Erica and two other fabulous stylists, Allie and Sheila.  Great color treatments, wonderful cuts from classic to trendy, sleek styling, plus an assortment of tried and true products, all great for your hair and all at affordable prices.  If you are looking for a new look, a new stylist, or both, your search is over!!  Go to the website where it’s easy to book your appointment for whatever it is you need – and bang trims are always a la maison (or “on the house” for you non-French linguists!!).

Thanks Erica!  We’re happy to call you not only our #1 Hair Stylist, but our friend as well!  XOXO

And if you’re looking for a south Charlotte home convenient to the Jolie Cheveux Salon, visit the website and one of us will be ready to help…


Ladies NEW to CHARLOTTE – Just for You! February 12, 2011

Maureen wants you to know…

… that there is a special program for women new to the Charlotte area that kicks off this week!  This program is affectionately known as “Moving on After Moving In” and is a several week scripturally-based study and sharing group which acts as a big Southern Welcome to Charlotte! This program was the brain child (no, heart child) of Susan Miller, whose husband’s job in the hotel industry resulted in 14 moves during the first part of their married life!  When she finally found herself moving from Grits to Guacamole (the telling name of one of the book’s early chapters!), i.e., from her beloved South to the desert of Arizona, she was inspired to write a book outlining the spiritual journey she found herself living out.  This fabulous book, After the Boxes are Unpacked, Moving On After Moving In, has touched the hearts of many who read it during the “Moving On” program.  Next Wednesday, February 16th will mark the 11th set of Moving On sessions to take place at St. Matthew Catholic Church  Our parish has ministered to over 250 newcomers since the Spring of 2006, and many in the group have found deep friendship and renewed spirituality from fellow participants and sharing in both the succinct words of Susan Miller and the comforting scriptural passages contained in each chapter.   This Moving On class is available at other places of worship in south Charlotte, including Calvary Church, Church at Charlotte, and Harrison United Methodist Church in Pineville.  For more information about Moving On class locations and descriptions, as well as incredible resources to calm the just-moved heart, please visit Susan’s website.  There you can find links to the contact information for the other program locations mentioned, “meet” and contact the Just Moved team, or just order the book (and another one of her hits, But Mom, I Don’t Want to Move!) for your own use at home. 

For additional information about the Moving On program at St. Matthew Church, feel free to give me a call (704.605.5444) or shoot me an email at

Thanks and once again, WELCOME NEWCOMERS!!