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CYBER MONDAY MANIA ! November 29, 2010

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I love shopping … I admit – it is an obsession for me (just ask my husband) … I can shop anywhere-anytime … from The Dollar Tree to Tiffanys … It is the thrill of the hunt and the excitement of finding a great deal that fuels my obsession! So, it goes without saying, that I did peruse a few stores on Black Friday with a million other zealous shoppers.  But I especially enjoy Cyber Monday .  There is something to be celebrated about shopping from the comfort of my own home, still in my flannel pjs, drinking my hazelnut coffee and “googling” all of my favorite sites.   I can spend hours searching online for the perfect gift, the best price, the free shipping sites … So today Cyber Monday is my kind of day *

According to a recent survey from … Cyber Monday has replaced Black Friday as the most popular holiday shopping day of the year.  106.9 million americans are expected to shop on the internet today … If you are one of those destined to find a great deal then check out these websites :

www.CYBERMONDAY.COM – more than 700 retailers offer deals on this site

www.RETAILMENOT.COMoffers coupons from thousands of retailers for additional discounts

www.PRICEGRABBER.COM – a comparison site to find the best prices on products from more than 11,000 merchants

If, like me, you have teenagers  who want gift cards, be sure to visit www.GIFTCARDGRANNY.COM and www.PLASTICJUNGLE.COM.  These sites offer gift cards BELOW face value… but hurry – they are only offered today !

And don’t forget to think of Bon Maison Properties if a new house is on your Christmas List  !  www.SOUTHCHARLOTTELIVING.COM

So get started, Good Luck and Happy Shopping !     


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